Feb 22, 2007

Getting piggy with it - Day 3

Day 3 of CNY and me think di-di was getting tired of being out for so long periods of time liao. So luckily, we only had one place to go to for lunch.

Somehow I think di-di was very pleased to hear that. Hee hee...

And so, we were off to Aunty Shirley's house, with me in getting particularly interested in her kumquat plant. :P

The adults, as usual, had their chinese salad tossing routine again. And yet again, I was also asked to join in. So nice... hahaha.

Oh, and a funny thing happened when Daddy was feeding me my lunch there... Aunty Shirley's place faces the MRT tacks, so we were able to see the trains whizzing by. Knowing how much I love trains, smart aleck Daddy tried to use this tactic...

Daddy: Ash, come eat your rice quick...
Me: *continues to play*
Daddy: If you don't eat, the train won't come hor...

Just then, THE TRAIN whizzes by.

Me: AH THERE!!! *points excitedly to the train*
Daddy: -_-"


But I still finished my lunch in the end lah. :P

Then it was time to go home liao, and it was really shiok to be able to take a nice nap on my bed after 3 whole days of bai nian. Just how much did I miss my bed? Well, I slept for 3 hours in the afternoon. Hee.

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