Feb 10, 2007

snip snip

On Wednesday, Daddy took some time off work to bring me go cut hair. Ma-ma said a lot of strangers were mistaking me for a girl-girl already, 'cos my hair quite long. Hahaha... so since CNY is around the corner, I better go to my hairstylist.

You know what, I was such an angel throughout the whole cutting session! :)

I just sat there quietly and allowed the jie-jie to place the cloth over me. I didn't even flinched when the electric shaver was used. I just obediently tilted my head to one side and allowed jie-jie to trim my hair. Daddy must be so very relieved that he didn't have to carry me while my hair was being cut. Hee hee...

So as a reward, Daddy treated me to some ice cream! Actually he bought french fries too, but silly Daddy forgot that I was still nursing a great big ulcer on my lip and so when I put 1 fry into my mouth, I yelped loudly. Heng got the cold ice cream to pacify me. :P

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