Apr 25, 2007

Riding without pedaling...yet

I've got myself a new plaything - my very own tricycle!

Nice sunshine colour and a nice retro feel to the tricycle... Although there's nothing retro about the price. Hahaha... but at least Daddy didn't have to buy a COE together with the bike. kekeke...

I love the wheels 'cos they are big and sturdy... means I can tackle corners at high speeds too. :P

No lah, I'm only kidding 'cos I can't really even pedal that well yet. Most of the time, I'm just using my legs to push myself forward and backwards... nothing too tricky. But Daddy has been training me to learn how to use the pedals and I'm happy to report that I can pedal for a short while before my feet slip off the pedals.

That's me above being frustrated yet again, after my feet slipped off the pedals. :P

Hahaha... kidding again lah. But it's okay; I'm still trying... and hopefully I'll pick it up real soon.

Ok ok, I've got to go for my tricycling practice session liao... wish me luck! Now, if only I can figure out how come I can only always go in a straight line...

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Fantasy the Mother, Jude The Son said...

oh cute! from Muji, right? i love it!

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