Apr 30, 2007

weekend weekend

I just enjoyed my weekend and I realised tomorrow is another holiday again! Hee hee... shiok siah, means I get to sleep late again.

I started a new term at school last Saturday and for this term, I switched classes. 'Cos my new class also has a Mandarin session during class so my guess is it's Daddy's and Mummy's idea lor... they scared next time I jiak kantang lah. Hahaha...

Then it was off to Brandon's 1 year old birthday celebrations after that! No photos though 'cos we went late due to my class lor. But never mind lah, heng Brandon reserved some food and his yummy choco cake for me. :P

Sunday was then off to Kong kong's and Por por's place. That's also one of my fave places to go 'cos Kong kong always bring me out for shopping without fail. And I usually come back with lots of goodies! Hee hee...

I also especially love sitting on my bicycle with Kong kong pushing me, 'cos he always like to push me fast fast and I love it! But sometimes, I know Kong kong getting tired so I ask Por por to push me too. What about Daddy & Mummy? No lah, I don't want them to push. Only Kong kong or Por por. Heh. But I think Daddy & Mummy also quite relieved lah. :P

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