May 28, 2007

Conrad Comfort

Over the weekend, we stayed over at Conrad hotel together with Ye-ye, Ma-ma, Ku-jie, Yi-kong, Yi-por and Uncle Bernard.

It was the perfect timing to stay there, 'cos it was the start of the Great Singapore Sale! Hahaha... Ooh, more stuff for me and di-di! :P

You can't really tell from the photo, but I can assure you that di-di was very excited about the hotel stay. Really.

Obviously, I was the one who was really excited about the flurry of activity that was to follow... hehe...

'Cos it was time for my fave activity - swimming!

But too bad they didn't have a baby or toddlers' pool leh; so I just had to make do by playing and splashing water on the pool steps.

Check out my belly siah. Hahaha... lucky not as big as Daddy's yet. If not, my blog will have to be called chunkiemonkie liao.

Then it was off to yummy dinner and we hit the shops after that! Suntec City was having late night shopping, so no need to say lah... the adults gleefully walked and walked and walked... til I nodded off in the stroller...

And so next morning...

Boy, was di-di in a fantastic mood! Heh.

I, on the other hand, was still in a pretty subdued mood. 'Cos haven't brush teeth yet mah; don't dare to open my mouth to smile too big lah.

But I perked up on hearing that a superb wide array of buffet breakfast was waiting for me downstairs! kekeke... think di-di must have overheard that too.

A nice and short nuah over the weekend, only thing was - how come Daddy & Mummy didn't buy any toys for di-di & me when they went shopping leh?!?!?!

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