May 23, 2007

Playground Pester

As I grow older with each passing day, I'm forming more and more opinions about certain matters.

Like the time when Daddy brought me to the pasar malam to sit on the kiddie rides. I had already planned on which kiddie ride to sit first and which one to sit after that. No amount of persuasion from Daddy could sway me from my decision. It was the elephant ride first, followed by the helicopter ride.

Or nowadays, I've been always pestering Ma-ma to bring me to the playground downstairs.

Well, if di-di could talk, I am sure I would have a strong ally with me too. Just look at how happy he is while sitting on the rocking horse. Hee hee...

So it's no wonder that Kong-kong & Por-por also bring me to the playground sometimes during the weekends too! :)

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