May 9, 2007

Pulai Photos Photos Photos!

Over the weekend, a special treat was lined up for Mummy since it was her special day on Monday. And lucky for di-di and me, we got to tag along to the Pulai Springs Resort in Johor too. Hee hee...

The room that we stayed in was part of a new hotel suites extension so it was very new and spacious too! Not to mention free breakfast and dinner were thrown in too... wah, no wonder Daddy wanted to come lah. :P

As usual, we were having loads of fun playing on the comfy hotel bed. But strangely, Daddy managed to capture a contrasting facial expressions of di-di and me. Hahaha...

I don't know what's up with di-di's sad face 'cos we were about to go swimming next to have a splashing good time!

The pool was very nice! It has a toddlers' pool, as well as a jacuzzi area. Which I enjoyed pressing the buttons to activate the jacuzzi, 'cos I liked seeing the many many bubbles erm, bubbling around in the water. Hee hee...

As you can see, di-di and me had a great time at the pool. And when Daddy said it was time to leave, I shot him a look.

Hee hee... but he promised to bring us back tomorrow morning, so we were back to the room for a quick shower and to makan dinner next! Yum!

After dinner, we drove out to do some shopping at Jusco and it was back to the room to recharge my energy in anticipation of more swimming tomorrow.

Next morning, and breakfast time!

I think di-di's favorite time of the day must be the meal times 'cos he's always in a happy mood when there's food. Hmm... sounds like someone I know. kekeke...

Me, on the other hand, was busy cutting up my omelette and sausage... and making funny faces too.

As usual, I can't really sit still for long, especially since I was already full. So I clamoured to be let down from my baby chair to go take a walk outside the cafe... to take a look at the flowers and koi pond outside. :)

But I was only itching to go swimming again of course and finally, the adults were done with their food! Heh.

Soon, it was approaching noon and it was time to say goodbye!

I thoroughly enjoyed myself and I think di-di did too. If only Mummy has her birthday every month...

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