Jul 25, 2007


Lately, I've taken a renewed interest in my mega-Lego building blocks. Partly because my toys have been doing the vanishing act one by one and I'm almost left with none of my toys liao. Haha... truth is they are all safely stashed away in the many boxes, in anticipation of the big move.

And so, I just have to make do with my new friend - Legoman!

Handsome or not? I mean him, not me. Heh. I built him all by myself, after Daddy showed me one time of course.

But I also enjoy pushing him and letting him disintegrate, and building him back up again. How traumatising for him... no wonder I've got to kiss him to say sorry. :P

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Anonymous said...

Where did you get this legoman from?

Anonymous said...

i got the mega lego set as my birthday gift when i was 1 year old. So not sure where to get it... i think must order one though...

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