Jul 10, 2007

See, so many cars!

On Sunday, Daddy & Mummy brought di-di and me to see many many cars - at the Car-nival at Expo.

Pardon the quality of the photos though... Daddy left the digicam in the car and he lazy to walk all the way back to take lah. So we just had to make do with the cam phone instead.

I'm really into cars right now. But no, not the toy cars one hor... only the real stuff please. Yep, I love climbing into the new cars, plonking myself onto the driver seat and using my whatever extensive knowledge of driving to imagine myself crusing along the road. Also playing with the dashboard controls of course. Hee hee...

I even gave di-di a ride too ah. And I figured he was pretty happy about it too. :P

I also did try my hand test-driving other cars... shiok only. Hahaha... not to mention the free popcorn, candy floss and ice cream that were given away. Lagi shiok!

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