Aug 6, 2007

Jiggly Jello

Yesterday, Mummy assisted me in conjuring my very first edible dish - JELLY! Erm, actually, it should be the other way around lah - I assisted Mummy. But I ended up insisting doing most of the stuff, so the chief chef has to be me. :P

But the preparation part whereby the jello solution needed to be heated up first, was still handled by Mummy. Kids like me cannot play with fire lah. Good boy I am. Hee.

So once all the fire bit was done, I was again clamouring to pour the jello liquid into the tray.

After a while, ALL DONE!

Into the fridge it went. And guess what, I forgot all about the jelly. 'Cos til now, I still haven't tasted my creation yet. -_-

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