Aug 11, 2007

NDP - A Bird's Eye View

On National Day, Aunty Jilian and Uncle Vincent kindly invited us over to their hotel room at The Oriental to watch the National Day Parade LIVE from the room's window. And so, together with some of Daddy's & Mummy's hostel friends, we trooped down to soak in the atmosphere together.

Actually, me think all of us were just gian for the fireworks lah. Hee hee... Okay, I confirm gian lah. 'Cos I was just muttering 'Fireworks...fireworks...fireworks...' :P

Think di-di was more interested in having Baby Brandon as a playmate though... kekeke...

I, on the other hand, was absolutely thrilled with the view; especially the gigantic balloons that were swaying gracefully in the breeze.

Soon the parade began proper and people starting marching in contingent by contingent. Well, they sure looked like ants to me from up here. Hee hee...

Then came the fly-past and the military display... and to put it simply... FANTASTIC.

I was absolutely thrilled with all the helicopters, fighter jets, boats, red rhinos, and many many more that came out.

Notice I wasn't in the mood for photo-taking 'cos I was afraid I might miss something lah. :P

The musical segment then came out and frankly, it kind of bored me. Hee hee... But at least there were the big floating jellyfishes that dotted the Singapore river.

I waited and waited. And waited somemore. And FINALLY, the moment arrived!

FIREWORKS! Right smack in front of my face. Abolutely awesome and cantik lah!

Too bad I can't catch one, put it in a bottle and bring it home with me. Heh.

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