Sep 17, 2007

Hong-ing the Kong 1

Harlow everybody! Greetings from Hong Kong!

Everything's pretty fun so far... though the promised meeting of Mickey Mouse hasn't materialised yet. :P

Anyway, here's what happened so far...

Yesterday, we had a morning flight and both di-di and me were very well-behaved! Di-di slept for 2 hours while I dozed off for 1.5 hours on the plane. Think Daddy ate my brunch set while I was asleep. HMPH! No wonder got no photos lah... he was busy stuffing his mouth. Hee hee...

We took the Airport Express train to our hotel and boy, was it fast, clean and convenient!

Di-di had a great time jumping and moving around the seats...

While I just took the time to look at the scenery whizz past.

Soon we reached the hotel and it was nice and spacious! Best of all, we had a window view to watch the 'Symphony of Lights' show. Right from our room. Every night! Wah... shiok enough for me. Hahaha. (Will write more about it next time, with pictures.)

Back to our room. Think it's safe to say di-di loved bouncing on the comfy bed.

I, on the other hand, wasted no time in trying out the yummy fruit basket. :P

We whiled away the rest of the day shopping at Harbour City - a really really really big shopping mall. Bigger than our VivoCity ah... I reckon.

But all of us were pretty worn out liao... so we tabao-ed dinner back to our room and promptly slept after that.

Today and we went to Stanley Market.

It is essentially an open-air market with loads of stuff on sale... especially clothings for kids. That means for us! Hee hee...

But shopping is not an activity for di-di and me. At least not yet. Hahahaha... so we preferred the nice sea view and beach that was nearby Stanley.

And that means only one thing. Photo time!

Loads of it. Heh.

But it started to drizzle, which sort of dampened my mood.

Hahaha... kidding lah! But di-di still enjoyed looking at the pitter patter of the raindrops.

Luckily we had my xiaodingdang lantern to play while the rain fell. :)

As quickly as it came, the rain stopped. And we made our way back to the hotel. Along the way at the train station, I just had to take giant chomp out of this giant mooncake.

Oh, and did I mention that I got a new pair of Crocs?

New colour, new size! 'Cos I've outgrown my current orange one liao.

And di-di also got his first pair too! Peacock blue colour.

Heng Daddy didn't buy the crocs in Singapore, 'cos it's so much cheaper here. Only $39 per pair. Cheap right? Pity I only got 1 pair of feet lah.

Okay, gotta go sleep liao... but before we go, just to report to Ma-ma, Ye-ye, Kong-kong and Por-por that we are eating well...

Why are we sitting so guai, eating our food ah?

'Cos got Pocoyo to watch lor! HAHAHAHA...

Take care everyone!

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