Sep 12, 2007

What a load of balls!

On Sunday, we got ourselves immersed in balls.

Lots and lots of them.

Di-di and me went to Orchid Country Club, where they had a huge playroom for kids, much like the eXplorerKid one at Downtown East.

Yep, it was very fun swimming around in so many different colours of balls. The last time when I was at the Downtown East one, I think I was only 1.5 years old. And I got quite scared when Daddy just plumped me in the balls pit.

But now, I'm the garang one. Hee hee... Erm, actually think di-di even lagi garang. Put him inside the pit and he started throwing balls around liao. Throw at me somemore! :P

Besides the balls pit, there are also other slides, some low and some high, for me to whizz down. But no photos lah... 'cos either Daddy or Mummy must keep track of my movements mah... And no, Daddy didn't come down thru' the tunnel slide. Later kena stuck how? Heh.

Overall it was a fun one hour of play. Di-di must have enjoyed it so much that he wanted to take a ball home too!

Notti notti... :P

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