Oct 23, 2007

Cultural Learnings of Batam for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Singapore

Over the weekend, we were off to Batam with Kong-kong, Por-por, Gu-gu and Jie-jie Sherlyn for a short recharge.


We stayed at Batam View, which was a first for di-di and me.

Daddy said it had undergone renovations sometime last year... well, all I'm glad is that they have added these cute colourful doggie figurines for me to practise my poses on. :P

Hotel room was big and comfy. And of course the standard protocol of jumping and going gila on the bed had to be carried out.


What's a holiday getaway without some fun in the pool right?

Luckily for me, the kids' pool depth is just about right for me... although I had to tip-toe my way in the pool.

Di-di had his comfy car to soak in the pool; no wonder he so shiok lah... no need to kick also can get around.

Lucky Mummy took pity on me, and sometimes carried me in the pool. Hahaha... yah, me lazy.

Daddy said he too would have carried me... if he wasn't tied up with taking photos. Yah right.


Dinner time was a sedap one, 'cos we had ours at the nearby Kelong restaurant. So not only did I have my fave seafood - prawns, I also got to see the many small fishes swimming beneath me.

And being the kind-hearted boy that I am, I also threw a few grains of rice into the sea for the fishes to eat. Okay okay, a handful of rice.

And check out this creative use of water pipes!

Di-di said it was comfy enough... Hee hee.


The other advantage of staying at Batam View is that it has its own private beach, which makes a lot of sense to me. 'Cos I really love the sea and the sand lor! :P

And the good thing about the beach that the sea is very calm and clear. And I even spotted the occassional tiny fishes swimming by.

And di-di's reaction to the beach was a marked improvement compared to the previous time when we were at Sembawang beach. At least this time, he walked on the sand barefooted. He also sat on the sand, while using his hand to gently tap the sea water.

It was business as usual for me. Heh.


But ultimately, the hotel room was the most favourite place for di-di and me to go back to.

And it was on this trip that di-di had managed to walk unassisted for more than 20 steps liao! YAY! In fact, he could trot from the hotel room entrance all the way to the windows...

...to play with the curtains. Hahaha...

And that usually means we are pretty knocked out come night time.


Overall, nice and enjoyable trip with Kong-kong and Por-por. Oh, and 'cos I got to sit the ferry too. :)

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