Oct 28, 2007


Today, we went to take Ku-jie's graduation photos with Ye-ye and Ma-ma.

Once I saw how much fun Ku-jie was posing in front of the camera, I also wanted to pose here and pose there. Hee.

Then Daddy, Mummy and di-di had to join in the fun too.

Di-di became a bit cranky after that, 'cos he needed his morning nap. So off he went catch a few winks... while I changed into my casual clothes and... jumped right into action again!

No need to write much lah... 'cos everyone was fighting to take photos with me. HAHAHAHA...

Finally, di-di woke up liao... and he took over the floor.

Still quite unsmiling hor? So the photographer suggested taking a mood shot 'cos he was, well, erm... moody. :P

So while di-di took some time off to warm up, it was left to me again to sizzle on the studio floor.

FINALLY! After much silly monkeying from Daddy, Mummy & Ku-jie, di-di finally showed flashes of his precious pearly teeth.

He was on a roll!

Soon, the photoshoot came to an end and we were all feeling tired and hungry. But at least we got nice photos! Heh.


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Anonymous said...

Nice photoshoot.. Where is the studio? Thanks.

Cheekiemonkies said...

Hi, the studio is Foto-U, at Joo Chiat.

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