Nov 23, 2007

Look who flew in to visit me!

.It's Mickey!!! He must have missed us very much!

Hee hee hee... no lah, he's one busy mouse. Actually, he's here to put up a magic show, specially during the school holidays. Just so happened that Daddy heng heng got some Meet & Greet passes to see Mickey. So of course di-di and me grab the chance lah!

And for an added bonus, Goofy dropped by too!

Look at how happy I was. Hahaha... which was a good thing. 'Cos Daddy and Mummy were not intending to bring us to watch the show anyway, since we just got back from Hong Kong Disneyland.

Mickey and Goofy were still as friendly as ever, since the last time I saw them. Well at least I think so lah, 'cos the smiles on their faces were still as broad as before. Like never change leh. :P

Before I went for the session, I already told Daddy what I want to do when I met Mickey - kiss him, hug him, shake him... i mean his hand.

Di-di, on the other hand, was perpetually star-struck. He just kept staring at them, even when taking photos. How rude! Hee.

Did I mention we were not going for the Mickey Magic Show?

Yah, that WAS the plan.

I'm happy to report that Daddy & Mummy have changed their minds. MUAHAHAHAHA! Why ah? 'Cos when I was taking photos with Mickey & Goofy, I kept asking them to dance! Hahahaha... I was expecting them to hop onto a stage and break out in song and dance! :P

So we'll be going for the show tomorrow lah. YIPPEE YIPPEE YAY YAY!!! Make that double the YAY! Since di-di would be ecstatic too.

After the Meet & Greet session, we went down to Takashimaya for some jalan-jalan. And would you believe it... look at who I bumped into...

It must be di-di's and my lucky day! Hahaha...

Elmo was there actually for a Christmas performance and some of the other Sesame Street gang were there too.

No need to say, I thoroughly enjoyed the show. Pity that we couldn't get into the official seating area in front of the stage. But good enough lah, at least I still managed to watch the show. Di-di fell asleep while waiting for the show to start though. HA!

Show came and went, and along went my energy too. 'Cos I was so sleepy after that. Heehee...

So it was time go back liao... time to recharge for other shows! My intel sources tell me that for this Christmas, Barney also dropped in for a visit. Oh oh oh... and Thomas the Tank Engine too! Now if I could only con... i mean, convince Daddy & Mummy to bring us there. :P

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Anonymous said...

i also just came back from hong kong disney land! the fireworks was really nice!did u manage to catch them?

Cheekiemonkies said...


Yup we saw the fireworks performance too when we were there. It was so beautiful! :)

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