Dec 17, 2007

Sand Fun

Over the weekend, we popped by West Coast Park for breakfast, and also to have a go at the huge sandy playground.

It was one of those rare sunny mornings and of course, di-di and I weren't about to let the beautiful weather go to waste. Hee.

Think this will be one of the times that Daddy can be lazy and write minimally. Hahahaha... 'cos the action can be told through the photos lah... :P

As with all playgrounds, I enjoy climbing up and down the structures, crossing the rope bridges and whizzing down the slides.

Erm, and kicking the sand too. Heh.

Di-di was just contented to walk around on the sand, and going in and out of some of the lower play structures.

The di-di got naughty and tried to pull my cap away from my head!

I tried my darndest to siam him lah... See how he was still trying to pull me? But it was all in good fun of course. :P

So I decided to go explore the playground on my own. Hee hee...

While di-di went off on his own too...

All in all, a good morning workout and a good baking session under the sun for Daddy & Mummy. Hahaha...

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