Jan 27, 2008

Birthday celebration again...and again!

Yesterday was a day of birthday cakes, blowing candles and Daddy's fave - FOOD! Hahaha...

In the afternoon, we went for my friend, Timothy's baby sister one year old Birthday!

Yep, pretty Bethany turned one and boy, she got a happening party siah... somemore got lychee martini cake. Heh.

Pity I fell asleep on the way there, and I only woke up about 20 minutes into the party. Which means that Daddy & Mummy could eat all that they wanted first... and when I woke, of course I whacked the food lah. :P

Then to keep ourselves busy while the adults talked, we had no choice but to play ourselves silly. Hee hee.

Then later in the night, we were off to another birthday celebration - Tai-por's big day!

And I also got to help Tai-por blow out her candle...

Plus I served up my specialty gift - one big, fat, wet Ashton-kiss! *muack*

And all these while, it was di-di's turn to sleep through it all. Hahaha...

While I had a great time going around taking silly photos of everybody, using Daddy's camera.

Happy Birthday, Tai-por!

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