Jan 3, 2008

Thirty Six

Thirty Six things I did when I turned 36 months.

1. Celebrated my 2nd birthday with a stay on Sentosa Island, at Siloso Beach Resort.

I had a feeling then that we would be back at Sentosa much more often than I thought. :P

2. Began to relish my role as a kor-kor more and more.

3. Had my first taste of what school is like, when Ku-jie brought me to her pre-school centre that she was teaching in.

4. Went for my first farm trips scattered in the outskirts of Singapore, and of course I got to feed the goats!

5. Cut my lower lips jialat jialat, when I accidentally fell forward and hit my mouth on the table while sitting on Daddy's lap.

6. As Chinese New Year approached, I made my first-ever trip to Chinatown to soak in the atmosphere. Actually, the lightings caught my attention more.

7. I was much more knowing of Chinese New Year this year, as I crammed all my angpows into my small haversack... and crammed all the goodies down my throat as well.

8. Started my new school term at Growing Up Gifted, which was to have lasted for 2 terms.

9. Got a new pair of snappy crocs to add to my orange collection. But it's getting tad small for me now. *H-I-N-T* :P

10. Went finding Nemo, and ended up watching him glide around on ice.

11. Kena accident #2 of the year - burnt by a joss-stick. *sniff*

12. Back at Sentosa for a second time, staying at Treasure Resort... and also, catching the all-new Songs of the Sea, a spectacular water & lights musical.

13. Received my very own tricycle, all zhng-ed up. Which I'm able to pedal really quickly now.

14. Went to Pulai Springs Resort in JB to celebrate Mummy's birthday.

15. Spouted my very first poem.

Daddy watch football
Ashton eat fishball

Definitely a classic.

16. Sat through my very first movie with Daddy - Shrek 3.

17. Started putting on my underwear, and making it stay dry.

18. Immersed myself in the arts scene by attending my first play for children - The little red hen.

19. Endured accident #3 of the year - a cut above my left eyebrow. Why has it always to be my face that kena???

20. Had a mid year treat - going to Elmo & gang's concert at Downtown East.

21. Explored around Chek Jawa at Pulau Ubin. Seafood's great there too! :P

22. Moved house to be closer to Ye-ye and Ma-ma.

23. Enjoyed my first-ever viewing of the National Day Parade from the comfort of a hotel room.

24. Celebrated di-di's one-year old birthday. My present for him? A big fat wet kiss!

25. Welcomed a new member to the family - Lollipop! And I made him all by myself. Hee.

26. Trooped down to Central Fire Station for my first visit.

27. Played myself silly in the Land of Dreams - Hong Kong Disneyland.

28. Played myself silly yet again in Batam, this time with Kong-kong & Por-por.

29. Posed like a celebrity at a photoshoot with Ye-ye, Ma-ma & Ku-jie.

30. Threw a birthday celebration for Ma-ma at Siloso Beach Resort, Sentosa. Third time there this year and still enjoying it.

31. Saw Mickey & Goofy yet again. I got to shake their hands, kiss and hug them all over again. In the end, I clamoured to be brought to their magic show and succeeded.

32. Celebrated both Ye-ye's and Kong-kong's birthdays in December, and getting better at my candle-blowing skills!

33. Celebrated the arrival of the Christmas festive season by catching all my fave cartoon characters LIVE in the flesh.

34. Accepted my first major assignment as a ring bearer for a wedding. Tense? Yes. Nerve-wrecking? Yes. Will I do it again? You betcha!

35. Went for a short trip to Avillion Port Dickson for my birthday treat, and absolutely loving it there.

36. And yesterday, it marked the start of my schooling life. Homework, projects, CCAs... here I come!

And today I turn 3 years old.

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Jean said...

Happy Birthday Ashton! May you remain cute and handsome always!

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