Feb 11, 2008

Mousey Day 2

Day 2 of CNY and more Gong Xi Gong Xi wishes to say...

It was an especially tiring day, 'cos we had many of Daddy's & Mummy's relatives' homes to visit.

But luckily, there was di-di to keep me company and both of us made sure that we indulged in simple fun by prancing around the house. Hee hee...

I tried asking di-di to play choo-choo train with me, but he no want leh... so in the end he was screaming away while I stubbornly clung onto him. :P

And of course, the great CNY makan marathon continued for the second day running. Just ask the adults.

And for only time in the year where I can probably play with my food, I got to toss vegetables and fish high up in the air and well, basically create a mess. Somemore got no adults scold ah... hahaha...

Everybody HUAT ah!

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