May 26, 2008

Family Day Out!

Last Saturday was 'Family Day Out' day, and we were lucky enough to be able to win some free Bird Park tickets courtesy of nuffnang.

So after a nice nap in the afternoon, di-di & I were obviously super excited to fly down to the bird park in double-quick time!

And first up - the Penguins! Confirm a favourite for the both of us. Hee...

See how the both of us were trying to imitate how the penguins walk? kekeke...

Duckies were the next favourite birds on our list and this time, di-di was mouthing 'Quack Quack Quack!' the whole time lor...

But the duckies bochap him, maybe his quacks didn't sound authentic enough. :P

Pink flamingoes were next...and think they didn't interest di-di though.

Then we visted a new exhibit of the Bird Park, called ' Dino Descendants'.

Yepp, those were ostrich eggs that I was helping to keep warm. Apparently, ostriches were found to be of some relation to dinosaurs you know...

Quite shiok to sit on the eggs actually... machiam backside reflexology. Hahaha... Well, at least til I saw HIM looking at me.

Oops, better don't sit on his babies liao... Dino Descendant leh, fierce man. And so, di-di & I proceeded to try our hands at uncovering fossils instead...

Next, we went to the Lory Aviary where I think it became one of my top faves in the Bird Park.

Why ah? 'Cos I got to feed the many many colourful lories there lor!

See how I was attracing so many lories to my cup of food? Their tiny feet were quite prickly when they landed on my arms though, but the ever-so-garang me didn't flinch lah. Unlike di-di. :P

Soon, the food ran out and we explored the rest of the aviary... by crossing this long swaying bridge!

Wobbly, yes. A teeney weeney bit scared, yes. But very very fun too!

We then whiled away the rest of the time by trying out the various birdie hats in the sovenuir shop. Heh.

Di-di looked absolutely adorable hor?

We then went to catch the last monorail ride back to the main entrance and while waiting, we stumbled onto this lonely wagon. So of course we jumped straight into it!

And started to monkey around too...

Train duly arrived and the aircon comfort was definitely welcomed! Hee hee...

Overall, it was fun trip out to the Bird Park once again and til next time, our feathered friends!

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