May 23, 2008

it's gonna be a LONG weekend

Not the extra-public-holiday kind of long weekend though. But rather, the kind of weekend where we are going to be stuffed with so much things to do.

Tomorrow morning will be one of Daddy's longtime friend's church wedding so confirm we'll be out early. Then, it's off to the Bird Park 'cos we won free tickets courtesy of nuffnang. Hee hee... Remember the previous entry I wrote regarding 'My Favourite Family Routine'? Well, that was for a contest held in conjunction with the 'Family Day Out' event which so happens to be tomorrow. So, whole day burnt liao...

On Sunday, I have a Arts workshop at the National Museum in the morning while at night, we are all going to watch Dora LIVE! in her concert at the S'pore Expo.

Wah say, di-di & I are sure going to be 2 tired monkies come Monday. Thank goodness it's the holidays! :P

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