Jun 24, 2008

Back to the Birds

Interestingly enough, I love visiting the birdpark much more than the zoo.

So on knowing that Mummy had some free admission to the Jurong Bird Park, I immediately declared that we should go to the birdpark since "we had not been there for a long time already". (Daddy's note: But we had just been there less than 1 month ago lor!)

So there I was, happily sitting on the panorail with di-di, with the map in my hand... and eagerly plotting where we should head out first.

And since we didn't get to visit the big waterfall aviary the last time, it was a no-brainer lah.

This time I'm smarter liao... I brought along 1 loaf of bread just to feed the birds! HEE HEE...

Well, that is IF di-di didn't finish the bread first. Hahahaha...

The aviary was full of so many different colourful birds flying around, and heng it just rained 'cos it was definitely so much cooler walking about in the park. Daddy would second that I'm sure. :P

But no matter how nice the aviary was, I was still pining for the one big exhibit that I had truly enjoyed the last time I was there.

The LORY Exhibit!!!

Yessir, I kept pestering Daddy & Mummy to bring di-di & me to feed the lories 'cos as I put it, "It's my AND di-di's FAVOURITE!" How smart eh... kekeke...

Di-di wasn't so scared of them as compared to last time liao; all he wanted to do was to take a closer look...

AND to pull their tails! Naughty naughty...

Me? I just let the lories eat their fill from the cup that I was holding. They are absolutely my best friends lah!

We lingered and walked around the park for a while longer, looking at the other species of birds that we had not come across during our past visits. Until I remembered that I haven't saw the cute penguins yet!

Di-di was also very happy to go into the dark exhibit to view the penguins. Or maybe 'cos there was aircon? Heh.

Anyway, there was this particular penguin that kept following di-di & me whenever we walked along the tank.

Whenever I stopped, he'll stopped too. And he'll linger around to try to kiss my hand... so very cute! No wonder both of us spent such a long time there just training the penguin to do his laps.

So yet another fun day at the bird park. When Daddy asked me afterwards whether I would like to go visit the zoo the next time, I said no. Me only want go to the Bird Park. Hahaha...

So it sure seems like we'll be back! And I'm sure of it. :)

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