Jul 28, 2008

night Fest

Usually we avoid town areas like the plague during weekends; mainly 'cos Daddy hates crowds and jams. It gives him a headache, he says. :P

Ah, but last Saturday night was different.

We were down at the National Museum as they were having a Night Festival, complete with a night bazaar that not only has food, but also showcased many different types of childhood games that kids used to play in the dinosuar age; erm, I mean sixties and seventies lah. Games like goli, tikam-tikam, Old Maid card games, rubber band shooting... very unlike the computer games that I'm used to playing now. Hee hee...

The big brightly lit 'balloon' was what first caught my eye actually... haha... so confirm take photo lor.

While di-di was just happy to run about and explore the bazaar on his own. As usual.

Then we came across this art installation piece which was a very puny house model.

It was so tiny that I can't even fit into the door. Di-di lagi better; he tried to push his whole head into the door by force but was luckily stopped by some of the art minders there. Hahaha...

So what was inside the house?

It was a person! And a fully grown adult at that.

He was busy writing notes in the house and anyone can communicate with him by writing notes on bits of paper and slotting them into the house. Interesting huh?

Anyway, di-di got pretty bored after a while when he realised he wasn't allowed to go into the house. Maybe he thought it was just another Little Tikes kind of playhouse. Hahahaha...

We went to catch the Chinese puppetry show next, complete with all the chings-changs-chongs music in the background.

It was pretty good! Both of us were just standing on the ground in front of the stage, with eyes transfixed on the dancing puppets.

We walked around somemore, before I declared that I was hungry! And I already had my dinner lor. Heh. So we went over to The Cathay for some munchies! Which turned out to be Yakun, which is one of my fave currently. 'Cos got kaya toast & eggs mah!

See how I polish off everything... slurp!

Di-di was more preoccupied with the spotlights that were buried in the ground though...

But he did follow me later, when I went to say 'Chiak!' to the fishes after I was done with eating.

Games, puppet show, bazaar, makan - solid ingredients for a shiok Saturday night out! :)

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