Aug 4, 2008

Hot Hort Park

Yesterday morning, kor-kor & me went to the Hort Park off Alexandra for some nature-loving jalan-jalan. And yes, it was also very hot at the Hort Park.
Mr. Sun was sure trying to show off lor... give me good excuse to wear my cap and sunglasses only. Hee hee... And of course kor-kor was very well-prepared too.
And then off we went exploring!
The Hort Park is one gigantic piece of 'garden' that has almost everything that's related gardening. There are many different areas of interest be it educational or recreational. Wah, I was naturally on a high lah...
There were lots of this hairy caterpillars that were crawling around and kor-kor was pretty fascinated by them. In fact, he even said he wanted to follow them back to their home to see where they stay wor...

But they looked pretty busy to me, so I just kept my distance and looked at them. Heh.

Besides admiring all the many different types of plants on show (which admittedly interested kor-kor more than me), I just coasted along the footpath trying to look out for some big big things...
Nah, these prickly things are not it...
Happiness! I found them!
WAHAHAHA... Hort Park or Hot Park, either way doesn't matter to me... as long as got big playground is a HO (good in Hokkien) park! :P
See how deliriously happy I was? Hee hee... think kor-kor too lah.

And see how sweaty I was too?

All in the name of good fun! And speaking of fun, kor-kor was into his kicking-furiously-at-the-sand routine again. Maybe he wants to sand his feet.
Then it was time for a water break before...
... we hopped over to the next playarea!

Yah, think the park has a total of 4 or 5 different playareas meant for kids (and Daddies too if you count them :P).

There's a large climbing spiderweb-like net, an obstacle structure that's meant for older kids and erm, these 3 toadstools that I kept on insisting to stand on one of them.
And when I finally got my wish, just check out the look on my face...

Okay okay, I was absolutely terrified while trying to keep my balance. And there was Daddy, keep asking me to look at the camera and smile. Smile. Smile! Aiyoh, very difficult leh! How to concentrate, stand on top of the toadstool and smile at the same time?

How can anyone do it???


Oh, I was wrong then. I lousy lor... :P

Notice how I was conveniently absent in the rest of the toadstools-related photos? Hahaha... I was just happy enough playing other stuff there.
Like this wobbly tree stump structure.
And then kor-kor had to come and keep shaking the stump so that he can show that his grip was very strong lor.
He lucky I was not a lion; if not, I would have growled at him liao. Grrr...

It was soon getting pretty scorching, so we just strolled the remaining bits of the park in anticipation of heading off for lunch. In an air-con place no less, Daddy said. Hahaha...
That was til we came to this big plot of land which was dotted with many dainty yellow flowers. Which kor-kor wanted to take a photo with him sitting in the midst of it all.

It sure looked very nice, but I valiantly fought off any attempts to place me on the grass next to kor-kor. Hee hee... Maybe I was getting tired liao.

I can't even remember how to put on my sunglasses already.

We were off to Vivocity for a shiok makan after that and man, you should have seen the rate at which we cheekiemonkies ate siah. Heehee...

Pity we didn't manage to explore a little bit of the Southern Ridges though. But I'm pretty sure we'll be going back again soon! Already kor-kor had told Daddy & Mummy that he loved the place a lot and he wants to go back there EVERY SUNDAY morning from now on!

Now where did I put my sunblock?

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