Aug 6, 2008

No-need-to-sit-in-classroom Day

Yesterday morning, instead of my usual school session, we were out for a class excursion to the Animal Resort!

It must have such a long time ago that I had last stepped into the Animal Resort. The last time we were there was when di-di was just a baby in January 2007 when di-di could only watch me feed the animals. Even before that, I was there in April 2006 when di-di was still in Mummy's tummy! I looked so lovable and cute then. Hee hee...

Anyway, Mummy took leave to accompany me on my 2nd class excursion of the year and this time, Daddy also brought along di-di along later to pick us up.

That's my best friend in class by the way; he's Reuben and we always play together in class. We even sat together during the bus journey there, leaving poor Mummy seated all alone. :P

We reached the Animal Resort first, while di-di arrived soon after with Daddy...

Think di-di was rehearsing the way to throw the food pellets into the pond to feed the fishes. Hahaha... He must be wondering where have the rest of children & kor-kor gone?

We were actually all bundled into a corner of the farm and there was this uncle who gave us a brief introduction to the different animals we could see later.

See how all of us were listening so intently? Hahaha... I tell you, more likely it was because we were so eager to start feeding the animals!

Di-di, though, got bored of waiting after a while.

So he decided to get a headstart first by going to say hello to the guinea pigs and rabbits.

Hee cute right? I meant di-di, not the rabbits lah.

Finally, the talking stopped and we were allowed to go feed the animals!

My friends and I started by feeding little pellets to the many crown cranes while di-di zoomed towards one of his fave animals currently - the goat.

As usual, he kept putting his palms out for the goat to lick his hands but this goat smart lah. No food no talk. Heh.

But I didn't think it dampened his spirits one single bit.

Then this group of greedy geese suddenly appeared, drawn by all the pellets we were scattering around. And I was the only one who dared to let the goose eat from my hand. Yesh, I very well-seasoned lah. Either that, or it was because there was this old auntie who just put a piece of bread in my palm and pulled my hand towards the onrushing goose's beak.

Well, at least I tried feeding the geese again using my hand. So yesh, me brave. Hahaha.

I even tried to shoo them away 'cos they ate so much of the food liao... in case other animals no more food mah.

We briefly stopped to admire the beautiful peacock...

...but more importantly, all of us were wanting to flock to this next place.

It was the pond, full of colourful fishes!

All of us really had a wonderful time throwing the pellets into the pond and letting the fishes fill up their bellies.

Rations soon ran out and it also signalled it was time to go back. But not before herding all of us kids together for the very important, but very difficult, class photo!

I'm guessing di-di enjoyed himself immensely too. Hee.

Til my next class excursion!

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Rochie Caulin said...

It's nice to see this kids enjoying in an animal resort. Real adventure is still better than virtual adventures.

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