Sep 19, 2008

Fishy Rainbow

Daddy & Mummy brought di-di & me to watch 'The Rainbow Fish', a musical about this proud fish with shiny scales that didn't want to share in the first place.

It was my second time watching a musical (yes, Barney, Dora, Thomas all don't count lah. :P); the first one being 'The Little Red Hen' last year. I enjoyed that very much so Daddy & Mummy decided to bring to another one this time around. And so, it also became di-di's very first musical too!

Erm, can you tell he was really excited??? Hahaha...

Anyway, we had some time to dilly & dally outside the auditorium before the doors opened... so as usual, we were up to our cheekie ways. :P

Finally, we were able to take our seats and they were at the first row somemore! Wah, like that I sure can count the number of scales on rainbow fish already. Hee hee...

No photos were allowed during the performance, but the both of us really enjoyed the show lots. I couldn't catch certain conversations during the play, but I made sure I asked Mummy to explain them to me. As for di-di, the moment the fishes appeared and danced around on stage... his eyes never left the stage, complete with a smile on his face.

And after the show, when Daddy asked di-di if he wanted to watched again, he said, "YESH!" kekeke... Looks like I've got a buddy to watch shows with me next time liao.

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