Sep 5, 2008

Forget the playground... it's balls & pins we really love!

After being sick for a few days, Daddy & Mummy decided to give di-di & me a special treat since it was the one week school break. So off we went to the newly-opened Ehub at Downtown East for some rumble and tumble!

We had some free playtime vouchers for Explorerkid, so that was the perfect excuse to go try out the expanded big playground. Hee hee...

As with all other indoor playgrounds, we plunged into the ball pit straightaway, with me trying to cover myself with as many balls as possible so that di-di can try to look for me. Hahaha...

The toddler playarea was pretty decent, with di-di preferring to remain in the ball pit. 'Cos he just loved to throw the balls out of the pit lor... and who cleaned up after him? Daddy lor. :P

Then we proceeded to the main course of the playground - the gigantic & 4 levels worth of the playgym structure.

To tell the truth, I didn't really enjoyed it as much as I did in GoGo Bambini. Don't really know why, but even Mummy also agreed with me. Maybe it's because the playgym structure at GoGo Bambini has a giant slope for di-di & me to try to walk up with the help of a rope and whee-ing down after that. :P

And so, it was back to the todder playarea for di-di...

... while I went to the bigger & illuminated ball pool for older kids.

Pity di-di is still too young to join me inside, 'cos I had fun throwing all the balls around. He would have made a good target. :P

We went for lunch after that and I quickly gobbled down my food. Why? 'Cos I was too eager to pick up a new sport!


It's a bowling alley meant for both adults and children. And since, I don't have a lot of muscles yet... I had to go for the lightest ball - the 4-pounder one and in bright pink somemore! The difference with this ball compared to the other heavier ones is that there are 5 holes for my fingers to grip the ball compared to the usual 3 holes. So it definitely made it easier for me to hold the ball and bring it to the throwline.

After receiving some instructions from Daddy, I threw my first ball down the lane!

Not bad huh... at least the seh is there right? Hahaha...

So how many pins did I hit?

Well, looking at my 'YES!' expression... definitely not gosong lah. It was a commendable ONE pin. :P

In case if you are wondering why my ball didn't say hello to the longkang... it's because when kids are bowling, one can program barriers to be lifted at both sides of the lane. So that the ball will never EVER fall into the longkang lor! Hee hee... Boost my ego only.

Di-di's turn was up next...

The ball was still too heavy for him to throw, so he just carried it to the throw line, place it down at his feet and... no lah, he didn't kick it. Heh. He then used both hands to roll it, and he just squatted there to watch his ball roll very very very slowly down the lane.

Think he was very confident that more than 1 pin would be hit wor... and yes he was right - 3 pins fell! Wah, beat me lor!

Did I look shocked or what? Hahahaha...

Anyway, we continued with our bowling game and I really had so much fun playing! Pity di-di fell asleep halfway through the game... and so, Mummy took over and played together with me.

And that was why di-di got a higher score than me.

Anyway, it didn't matter lah... I really enjoyed bowling very much and told Daddy to bring me back again real soon! Hee hee...

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