Sep 7, 2008

THAT train show

On Friday night, kor-kor & I finally managed to catch one of our idols LIVE on stage. Or least mine anyway. Hee hee...

Yup, it was the Thomas & Friends show, live on stage and complete with all the chart-topping songs that I'm so familiar with. But forgetful Fat Controller, erm... I mean Daddy, forgot to bring his camera lor!!! Haiyah... that explains the grainy effect of the photos. :P

Anyway, cam or no cam, kor-kor & I enjoyed the show lots! At one point, I was even waving my light stick high up in the air to the rythmn of the music. Yah, machiam at popstar concert like that. Hahaha...

I was so thrilled to be able to spot Thomas and Percy... Diesel also made an appearance but all I wanted to know was... where was James??? Kor-kor kept asking the same question too. Heh.

Amazingly, I managed to stay glued to my seat throughout the entire show. Not once did my eyeballs stray off the stage. Not even when Daddy tried talking to me... he very irritating lah, kept asking me so many questions only. :P

And when the show finally ended, I just waved bye-bye to Thomas, clutched my light stick and happily trooped out of the hall. Yep, 90 minutes is just about right lah. :)

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