Oct 25, 2008

Start of a long weekend

Sources tell me that this weekend is a long one... which also means that Daddy & Mummy must rack their brains to think hard where to bring us for our weekly doses of fun. Hee!

And when the words, 'Bird Park', rolled out of Daddy's mouth, confirm I say 'YESSIR!'.

Hahaha... and so we went to Jurong Bird Park this morning, and di-di & I got to ride in the wagon once again. In case you don't know, I love going to the Bird Park much much much more than going to the zoo. Heh, maybe I simply adore the birdies more lah. Much like this owl.

Hmmm... how come the owl could come out in the daylight to greet us har? I would have thought he would need to put on his sunglasses first.

Anyway, we went on our way to the various exhibits, like the ostriches, eagles, duckies, and of course the big aviary.

Oh, MY old-time fave of course.

The lory loft!

Initially, when I started to feed the lories, they were all over my hand as if they haven't makan for ages. So I wasn't too pleased with all the flapping of wings around me.

So Daddy pulled me slightly away from all the commotion to a quieter spot, and so there were the guai lories! Hee hee...

Di-di still wasn't interested in feeding the lories (which is great since I don't have to share. :P) and was interested in only imitating how the little birds fly.

Watch di-di spread his wings and soar! kekeke...

As per last time, di-di again clamoured to be brought down to the the long hanging brige. Which I don't mind too lah.

Well, wobbly bridge or not, I always like to zip across it with di-di trying his best to keep up with me.

We then took a break in the aor-conditioned cafe to replenish fluids, and for Mummy to drink her ice cold tea.

There was still a bit more of the bread that Daddy brought along, so I decided to do a good deed and go feed some crown pigeons. Heh.

Di-di & I had such a great time feeding; but I think I enjoyed it more simply because I was feeding myself with the bread at the same time too!

See my half-full mouth of bread when I posed for a photo with a feather below? Hahaha...

We then passed by the amphitheatre and since there was a show going on, we caught a little bit of it so as to let our legs rest too.

And of course, it was time for silly faces too.

Di-di finally knew how to make monkie faces at the camera too. Good ah... next time I won't be the only one who will look silly in front of the camera.

After the show, I offered to pull the wagon...

... while di-di just sat inside like a king lor.

Very soon, my tummy was crying out for food liao... and so before we left for makan, how could I miss saying hello to my cute furry friends - the penguins???

And as if by clockwork, I always have to clamber up the penguins' statues outside the exhibit to take my routine photo. Hee hee...

Ditto for di-di.

We ate our lunch after that, and headed home for a nice hot bath. I wonder what other programmes are lined up for the long weekend? Hmmm...

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