Oct 17, 2008

They Might Be Giants

Recently, kor-kor & I have been addicted to these 2 new CDs by this band, They Might Be Giants. It started out as a rock band, but recently they had churned out songs for children. And their songs are super catchy and superb to dance to lor! :P

One CD is about the alphabets, and the other is all about numbers. And each comes with a DVD & Audio CD. It's so tough for both of us to pick a fave! Hee hee... here are some samples Daddy found on the net.

So far, we are requesting to watch these CDs EVERY day, and even in Daddy's car we also listen. No wonder I can sing to some of the songs liao... and Daddy & Mummy love the the songs too! Maybe Daddy even wants to change his phone ringtone already. HAHAHAHA...

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