Oct 20, 2008

Walking the Ubin Board

Yesterday morning, kor-kor & I went back to Pulau Ubin for an eco-trek at Chek Jawa. Unlike the last time when I was there (which I have totally no recollection of), I can trek on my own this time liao! No need for Mummy to sling and carry me, thank you very much. :)

And this time around, we met Kong-kong, Por-por, Gu-gu, Jie-jie Sherlyn at the jetty for our boat ride to Ubin. Kor-kor was so kancheong about the boat ride I tell you... he even woke up at 6am to ask Mummy if we had missed the boat! Hahaha...

Hee hee... notice my smile-less face in the photo. Not that I don't want to smile lah. I scared if I smile then will look too gross... erm, like this...

Yup, my mouth was still full of food, or whatever that remained of my breakfast I had at Changi Village. Mummy says I'm always like that one - the last mouth of food can just set up shop in my mouth for the longest time. Much like a hamster. Not bad what, at least a hamster looks cute. :P

Anyway, both of us enjoyed the short boat trip across the sea lots. And I just sat in my seat like a statue for the whole duration.

Great. I'm now a statue hamster.

Anyway, we reached soon enough...

... and Kong-kong went looking for someone to ferry us to Chek Jawa.

And guess what, we bumped into the same old uncle that gave Daddy, Mummy & us a ride (for a fee of course) when we were here last year! So off we went on the bumpy terrain...

The sun was great, and it was quite breezy... but it was approaching high tide though, so we couldn't see much of the seabed. But no matter, I had a great time just walking on the boardwalk with my trusty branch that I had scavenged from the forest. Hee hee...

Occasionally, I would peer over the boardwalk to look at the sea below me. NO, who says I'm scared of falling into the sea? Just look see look see only lah.

Kor-kor was his usual hyper self; running, jumping, walking and hopping along the boardwalk.

While Daddy thought my branch was some sort of satay stick... think he must be getting hungry. Either that, or the heat from the sun must have gotten to him. Heh.

We took a breather at a sheltered pavilion around the midway point, and kor-kor & I took the chance to recharge.

After we all had our water, we were off again!

And this time, we could spot some big & small fishes swimming in the sea, which utterly thrilled kor-kor.

As for me, I was trying to use my stick to fish for the fishes lor! Hee hee...

We soon came to the mangrove part of the boardwalk, and up to this point, kor-kor & I walked the entire distance on our own leh. Absolutely no carrying! It's definitely a record.

There were many more things to see at the mangroves, like mudskippers, hermit crabs and mud lobsters! Oooh, we spotted something...

Whole lots of mudskippers!

Kong-kong then carried us down from the boardwalk to take a closer look at the mangrove and its inhabitants. So fun!

See how kor-kor was so deeply in thought... but thinking of what, I don't know lah.

I was busy sweeping away the seaweed though. Hahaha...

Then kor-kor decided to join in the fun as well. :P

All the fun had made us really hungry, so it was time to get back to the jetty area for out lunch. Only when Daddy said it was time to leave that I suddenly realized that my legs were actually quite tired. So what to do... ask Mummy to carry lor. Kekekekeke...

As we waited for the uncle to fetch us, we had a water break again. Kor-kor chose to sit under the sun, perched on top of a rock overlooking the turquoise sea and down his fluids.

While I rather cleverly stayed under the shade to drink my water... hee hee.

Then it was back to the jetty area for our lunch. But I fell asleep during the short journey back, but luckily I woke up just in time to have my share of the lunch. If not, confirm Daddy eat my share.

We said bye-bye to the island after that...

... and took the boat back to Changi Village.

And it was a straight knockout for the both of us after that. :P

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