Dec 8, 2008

2nd Day in Bali

Day Two in Ubud, Bali and I awoke quite early in eager anticipation of the day's activities... not to mention breakfast too. Hee.

See? Even Mummy was getting hungry early in the morning liao...

Di-di soon woke up too, and we whiled away the time by playing with our Take-along Thomas train sets.

Ooh, breakfast was finally served in our room and this made everyone very very happy indeed! Hahaha...

Breakfast was pretty good - burbur ayam and mixed omelette, together with papaya juice and watermelon juice. And eating in front of the green paddy fields. Shiok!

We headed out soon after we bathed, and our stop was this very old palace in the Ubud town center.

It was nice... but di-di & I were more interested in playing with our crab and dragon roller toys that Daddy bought in the Ubud street market. :P

Daddy & Mummy then shopped around some more and then, the one that I had been clamouring for - the Monkey Forest!

You can buy bunches of bananas to feed the millions (okay, so it's an exaggeration) of monkeys there. But must be careful, 'cos they are one GREEDY bunch! 2 monkeys started to climb up Daddy while he was holding the bananas... aiyoh, machiam yau kwee like that...

Daddy & Mummy also got the chance to pose with 2 monkies... although they weren't very cooperative. Hahaha...

It was a nice walk through the forest, and it was interesting to see families of monkeys going about their activities. Like this family, where the female was grooming the male, and their baby monkey was hiding and drinking its mummy's milk.

Also, there were lots of photo opportunities for me. Heh.

We then had our lunch and headed back to our hotel for our afternoon nap 'cos di-di & I were promised a dip in the hotel pool once we were awake. Hooray!

Needless to say, it was a mishmash of funny poses galore...

The sun was soon setting...

... so Mr. Robotman had to go back for a quick bath 'cos all our tummies were rumbling. :P

We went to a nearby Indonesian restaurant, which had a nice view and airy breeze, with yummy food too!

After all the swimming, di-di & I confirm lapped up all the food.

Day 3 coming right up!

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