Dec 4, 2008

Greetings from Bali!

Hiya everyone, we're still roasting under the Bali sun and me think di-di has finally gotten a tan! Hee hee... well, only a teeny weeny bit. Think I still win lah... you can call me little Blackie when I reach home. :P

We were pretty alright on the plane while enroute to Bali... di-di was much better well-behaved compared to the last time when we went to Taiwan. Maybe that's because he has his own seat now... so we can play and have fun together!

And make funny faces together! Hahaha...

We stayed in Ubud for the first 3 nights, and boy, did the room look absolutely shiok when we first opened the door!

Erm, maybe it was because we were tired from all the travelling? But di-di sure needed no invitation to test out the bed. Hahaha...

Not only that, he decided to rest his tired legs by chilling out at the balcony which had a stunning view of the rice fields, together with a nice cool breeze.

But you know us lah... we always couldn't resist playing hide-n-seek in the hotel's cupboards... especially if the cupboards have doors that open on both sides. Hee hee...

Well, at least Daddy & Mummy can take some time to rest too, while we continued to monkie around... :P

After soaking in the sunset view from our balcony, we then ventured out to look for our dinner.

We walked around the small town a bit, and headed back to our cosy room after that. That marked the end of our first day in Ubud, Bali... time for some recharge 'cos we were going to see the monkeys at the Monkey Forest the next day!

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Unknown said...

Where is this villa u stayed in ubud for first few days?

Cheekiemonkies said...


It's tengal sari

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