Jan 19, 2009

Weekend Party

Last Saturday, we were over at Benji kor-kor's house to celebrate his birthday and also his mei-mei, Sarah's birthday. And what's a party without yummilicious food right???

Erm, think di-di couldn't wait upon seeing all the food laid out before his eyes... hee hee...

He tried to act cute somemore, hoping that nobody would notice him gorging down his food.

I, on the other hand, wanted to sit with the birthday boy... so that we can talk about stuff that boys talk about... erm, like Transformers. :)

Sarah was rather focused on her chicken drumstick though. Heh.

We played with Benji kor-kor's toys for a while after that, before proceeding the the main event of the day!

Think Benji was very kancheong about his cake; 'cos before the birthday song was finished, he already blew out the candles. Hahaha...

That's one happy pair of siblings!

Obviously the birthday boy couldn't wait to taste his own cake...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Benji kor-kor & Sarah mei-mei!

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