Feb 8, 2009

A skate in the park

With the sun shining brightly on a lazy morning, what better way to spend it than to go roller-skating at the Botanical Gardens right?

Yup, it has been ages since I last made use of my skates and it was about time I dusted the cobwebs off them. Hee hee... Di-di joined in the fun by brining down his bike for a spin too.

Heh. I look pretty pro huh? Ok lah... I can still maintain my balance pretty alright... just don't ask me to go too fast! :P

Di-di, on the other hand, doesn't really know how to pedal yet; so he just uses his legs to push the bike and himself all the way - Flintstones-style.

But I guess he was thoroughly enjoying himself!

I was enjoying myself too... barring the occasional falls. Ouch!

But heng I was wearing knee and elbow guards, so that made the falls not too painful. And after a while, I was getting the hang of it!

We took a rest after that, by feeding the fishes and tortoises in the big pond... and then while Daddy & Mummy took a breather, di-di & I played softball in the vast open green space in the gardens. Yah, we no feel tired lah. Heh.

I even made a new friend too...

... whom I played Frisbee with.

Di-di also not bad lah... also made a new friend to snatch things... erm, I mean to play with.

Well, masterstroke or not, it sure made the both of us really tired and we both really had a long afternoon nap after that. Which was great 'cos we were going to attend Brandon's sister, Kaylene's first year old birthday in the evening! Ooh, got candles to blow again! :)

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Anonymous said...

may i know when ashtn started learning blades? did he have lessons? where did u get blades for kids from?

Anonymous said...

Hi spots,
we let ash tried on the blades a few months back, so that's about 3 plus years old. but he didn't have any formal lessons, more of him just trying to move along... so the protective gears are really important!

but if you're interested, we saw kiddos at East Coast Park (near the old big splash) taking lessons.

the blades are from fisherprice. toy r us carried them. it easier to use than the in-line ones cos it comes with two wheels behind :)

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