Feb 28, 2009

Supermarket Sweep

Today we went grocery shopping... and we kids also have our very own mini-trolleys to do our marketing!

Hee hee... Daddy heaved a sigh of relief when he saw that there were 2 trolleys available. If not, me think di-di & me would be fighting over one miserable trolley lor... hahaha...

Can you tell we were having loads of fun???

Di-di was the model copycat; always mimicking my actions in the supermarket. Whenever Daddy or Mummy put stuff into my trolley, he would also want to put something into his trolley too. So in the end, Daddy & Mummy would take turns to put the groceries into our trolleys. :P

And I would always count the number of items in each of the trolleys, to make sure we each have the same number of items. Yes, I'm very anal about it.

When di-di wasn't copying me, he was pushing his trolley around like a headless chicken. So Daddy had to be the traffic policeman, to direct him. If not, confirm he sure langar people.

Well... with today being such a rainy day, it was a nice change to be shopping at the supermarket with out kids-sized trolleys. We even had a nice hot chocalate and cake after that! YUM!

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Morning's Light said...

Hello Hello! =)

Where's this place? Looks like it has lots of good stuff.

Cheekiemonkies said...


it's at Jelita Cold Storage.

Anonymous said...

thks 4 sharing. i go tis area almost every wk. now i know where 2 bring my boys 2 run amok.

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