Feb 16, 2009

Transform, and roll out!

All thanks to Daddy, di-di & me are now officially huge fans of Transformers.

You know, those robots-in-disguise kind of vehicles that can transform which first appeared during Daddy's childhood in the eighties? Well, guess what... they are appearing in my childhood now.

Yep, a whole bunch of them. Hahaha...

Erm, actually I don't know who's the kid here lor... maybe Daddy's making up for lost time. Or he's just using di-di & me as a convenient excuse to collect them. Whatever it is, I'm NOT complaining.

That's my favorite transformer by the way... Good'ol Optimus Prime - leader of the Autobots.

And I don't like the Decepticons 'cos they're bad. So I always ask Daddy to be the bad guy whenever di-di & I play Transformers with him. Hee hee...

And di-di got a fave Transformer too - he's the bright & cheery Bumblebee!

Now whenever he sees a yellow car on the roads, he'll shout," HI Bumblebeeeeeee!"

Oh, and my 2nd fave is the Transformer below - Bulkhead. He's so big and easy to transform too... I even took him to school one day for my show-and-tell session.

Are you getting confused regarding the names already? Just like Mummy? Hee hee... I think she secretly feels left out whenever Daddy, di-di & me are having our Transformers talk.... kekeke...

We definitely love our Transformers very much now... so much so that they have taken control over our train table. It serves as the Autobots' headquarters now and they have to protect the railway tracks form the evil Decepticons. Hee hee... It's definitely more than meets the eye! :P

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Anonymous said...


Sorry this comment not related to transformers though my husband is also influencing my son to watch and play with transformers. It is like reliving his childhood memories! He also insisted that only 1st series (the 80s one) transfomer is the real one, haha.

Would like to ask about Avillion Port Dickson instead... Did you drive there? Was it easy to drive there? How long did you take? Me and husband have never driven in Malaysia before and we have no idea how to reach the resort by public transport! We are really keen to bring the kids out for a trial trip and Malaysia is the best place to try! :)

How was the resort for adult's point of view? Heard food is overpriced and not too good? Everything else okay?

Sorry to ask so many questions, itching to take a short break so we are trying to find a good place to visit.

Thank you so much!

KC :)

Cheekiemonkies said...


Thanks for dropping by. :)

Yup, we drove up there and it took abt 3.5 hrs I think. It's rather easy to drive up 'cos there are road signs along the way to guide you.

The resort is quite good; must take the water chalet as it is much nicer than the standard rooms. The kids were thrilled with the mini animal petting zoo, and the beach.

Food-wise... I guess it's standard grub. But we didn't have our meals there, except for breakfast. We drove out to tapao food from those coffeeshops. There's also a stretch of coffeshops/cafes further down the resort, so we went there to eat too.

hope it helps!

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