Mar 8, 2009

Water recharge

We packed our bags on Friday and lugged them all the way to... Rasa Sentosa at where else, Sentosa! Hahaha... good enough for di-di & me lah. And of course we were still as happy!

As long as got a comfy bed for us to jump up and down, that'll make our day too. :P

And luckily, di-di & I were both smart enough to catch our naps in the car... so that we'll be full of energy once we check in.

Since we passed by the pool on our way in, I just had to keep reminding Daddy & Mummy that we had to go dipping in it. And we got our wish.

Hee hee... do we look like celebrities?

I simply loved the children's pool when I first saw it... 'cos there were 3 winding slides for me to whizz down into the pool. WHEEEEE!

But I insisted on putting on my goggles first... so that I can see underwater when I plunge into the water mah.

Di-di, as always, also monkie see monkie do lor.

It was then time for some serious splashing fun!

Di-di, though, didn't dare to go on the slide himself. He would always stand at the top of the SAME water slide and wait for me to arrive before he would go onto it.

And when I did make my way to the slide, he would hold onto my shoulders and slide down with me. Heh.

And sometimes, some other kids would join us and we would all make a grand splash.

After losing count of how many times I went onto the slides, we had to go wash up to get ready for dinner liao.

We had pizza and pasta by the beach, which was a good thing too 'cos there was a mini playground for us to expend some more energy before the food arrived. Well, I had to do some silly pose for Daddy too. :P

While di-di was happily playing with the sand with the sun setting behind him...

Unsurprsingly, both of us monkies knocked out pretty quickly when sleeptime came.

We had to 'cos the next day was for us to hit the beach after a filling breakfast!

I think it has been quite some time since the last time we were at the beach... so when I woke up in the morning only to find that it was drizzling outside, I was so disappointed. But luckily, the skies cleared up and di-di & I were both happy like bird lah. :)

Mummy also tried her hand at making sandcastles...

... but with a mini-Godzilla lurking behind, there wasn't any chance that the sandcastles would be left standing for long. Hahaha...

We then splashed around some more, before heading back to the water slides for some splashes before we had to (sadly) check out.

Well, it was too short if you ask me. Hee hee... maybe next time longer can, Daddy & Mummy? :P

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