Apr 26, 2009

Follow the map (and me!)

Guess where I brought Kong-kong & Por-por today?

YUP, I was the leader for the day and the one in charge of the map. Now, if only I can just confirm where we were first. :P

Guessed where we were already? Yah, it's the ZOO lor...

It was a pretty hot morning... I was perspiring so much before I even got to visit the first animal! :P But no amount of heat can keep me from paying my favourite animal a visit.

The giraffe is STILL my fave... considering that I used to change favourite animals every week when I was younger, this has got to be a record.

Since it was Kong-kong's & Por-por's first visit to the Zoo in dunno-how-many-years, I brought them to visit the many different animal exhibits.

Di-di very shiok lor; he was sitting in his comfy pram for most of the way.

And he was very clever - only getting up from his throne whenever there were fun things to play with. Hah!

Remember when I said it was a hot morning? Guess I really spoke too soon, 'cos dark clouds started swirling above us as it passed noon. So we started to gather pace... but there is always time for a photo with a Zoo legend right?

It was a nice trip to the zoo; di-di & I got to re-visit many of the animals again. Only thing was, I didn't get the chance to play at the Rainforest Kidzworld with Kong-kong & Por-por. Oh well, there's always next time! Haha...

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