May 7, 2009


Today's Mummy's special day! And a birthday cake is a must of course!

This meant that I get to blow candles once again... but I think kor-kor was also preparing to make his move. See how hungrily he was eyeing the cake, while I was still in the midst of singing the birthday song for Mummy and clapping my hands? Heh.

Well, before the snuffing began... Mummy had to make a wish too. So all of us closed our eyes as well, BUT I sneakily peeped to see where the candles were... so that I can quick quick blow the candles later mah. :P

And once the green light was given, kor-kor & I gave a mighty blow!

We did leave ONE candle for Mummy lah. Hee hee...

Hope you had fun on your birthday, Mummy! Have a happy and cheerful Birthday! MUACK!

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