May 3, 2009

Ninja Warrior

Labour Day long weekend, and we were at West Coast Park to while some of it away... together with our trusty bikes of course!

Di-di was only too happy about it too; even though he can't really pedal well as yet. He can pedal for a few cycles lah... but he discovers that using pure 'Flintstones' power would accomplish the job quicker for now. Hahaha...

Obviously we were in high spirits, aided by the fact that the weather wasn't too hot... perfect ingredients for Daddy to snap a quick photo of us for our blog's new masthead! Hee...

Nice? :P

West Coast Park not only has a big playground; it also has lots of obstacle courses to climb up, down, left and right. On seeing that, we did what every fun-loving kid would do.

We abandoned our bikes and charged straight at our new-found playthings.

I then imagined myself to be a contestant on the Ninja Warrior Show - yes, I watch that sometimes and I love it! - and so I proceeded to clear the rope obstacles... with di-di hot on my heels. Haha.

But di-di never stood a chance. Not yet anyway. :P

I was the clear leader of the pack, climbing up, down and across the treacherous ropes... while di-di was erm, taking his own sweet time.

And yes, I emerged victorious... and so celebrated my victory with a ride on the flying fox. Heh.

We lingered around the park for a while more; mostly entertaining ourselves by jumping on these big & springy discs...

... before we decided to take things easy by chilling out by the sea.

I even had time to snap a photo of di-di & Mummy enjoying the cool breeze! But me think di-di was too distracted by the big ships in the horizon.

All the ninja work had got me famished and soon, I declared that I was about to faint of hunger. Guess what we ate for lunch? Yah lah, Jap food (with sushi of course) lor! Were you expecting anything else? Hehe...

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