May 29, 2009

The Transformers have landed

Di-di & I have no school today; 'cos our teachers met up with Daddy & Mummy to share our mid-year progress with them. Which meant that Daddy & Mummy didn't need to work. Which also meant confirm we can go gai-gai too! Hee hee...

We headed down to Orchard for lunch and some jalan-jalan... which was a lucky thing too. 'Cos guess what we stumbled onto at Takashimaya???

TRANSFORMERS Live Show lor! And happiness of happiness, it's the Animated version! Wah... Today was the first show and of course di-di & I promptly picked a good seat and plonked ourselves down.

During the pre-show segment, di-di & I were called up to the stage to participate in a game - where we had to pose like Optimus Prime and Bumblebee. Well, we did get a prize in the end (everybody did)... although half the time, di-di was shaking his bon-bons to the Transformers theme song on stage much to the amusement of the people below. :P

And as a final treat, we got to take a photo with the 2 Autobots too!

I forgot to ask Optimus Prime where were the Decepticons though... heh.

Well, at least I got a big box of Transformers toy! Haha...

Erm, actually, it was Daddy who had been eyeing it for very long liao... and luckily for me, it was so heavily discounted at the Taka toy fair that I got to cart it home. Woot!

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