Jun 24, 2009

Day 6 - BBQ in Jeju

A brand new day in Jeju and di-di was in a chirpy mood!

Oh, the 'sticker' on his nose is something to allow him to breathe easier through the night, 'cos his nose got a bit stuffy the night before... Daddy deemed it to look cute on him so he quickly snapped a photo lor. Hahaha...

Originally, we had made plans to visit some of the attractions on Jeju Island, like Mt. Halla, Halim Park, Teddy Bear Museum, Sunrise Peak, etc... But after some thought, Daddy & Mummy decided to take things easy instead and not travel on the the road too much.

Well, of course di-di & I don't mind lah... not when there is the seaside nearby and also this meant that we could get to blow bubbles right out in the open field!

The wind was really strong; it was so much fun seeing all our bubbles being swept away so fast as soon as they leave our pipes...

No wonder the both of us were tickled pink! Hee hee...

We then did a short foot walk around our resort where there were many plots of farming land growing various types of vegetables. And while taking in the fresh air, we stumbled onto a busload of schoolkids who were out for an excursion I think.

And I think they were learning all about potatoes, and helping the farmers harvest them.

We briefly stopped to take a look, and I also chipped in and got myself 1 baby potato as a reward!

That shall go into my lunch later... yum yum!

But no time to think about food now... 'cos we were going to dash to the seaside already! Woot!

Ahh... the sea... di-di's & my favourite part of our Jeju stay...

The sea water was so clear... and very very cold too!

But after a while, our legs pretty much got used to the coldness of the water... and di-di & I competed on who could throw the furthest pebble.

Aiyah, of course no contest lah... well, that was until Dady joined in. Hee.

There were also many tiny marine life in the seawater... and we had a great time trying to spot the schools of tiny fishes, as well as flipping large stones over so that we could catch glimpses of hermit crabs & sea snails.

I even adopted 3 hermit crabs, and took them back to our room... but I never bring them back home lah; they were allowed to rejoin their friends when we left Jeju the next day. :)

Well, fun times always pass so fast... soon we had to head back to our room to fill our tummies!

Since we went to the supermarket yesterday, Daddy & Mummy cooked a hearty lunch and yup, di-di & I lapped it ALL up.

A nap duly followed and when we awoke, it was time to eat. Again!

Hee hee... this time it was BBQ out in the open field in front of our resort. And since it was still a bit early, we found interesting stuffs to do while waiting for our BBQ pit to be set up... like di-di who found more lallangs to blow.

I posed away, while perched ontop of a rock in the meantime. :P

The sun was setting behind us, and of course more photos were definitely a must!

Di-di also wanted to be like Daddy & me, going around taking photos... so Daddy let him take over the cam for a couple of shots. And look what turned out...

A pretty good shot of Mummy huh? Looks like someone will be vying with me for my digicam more often liao...

As for me, I snapped a shot of the kind uncle who was busy setting up the BBQ fire for us.

Soon, with the sun going to bed...

... it was time for us to start barbecuing!

I then helped Mummy to go gather some vegetables from the vegetable farm, and wrapped the BBQ meat using the vegetables. What a good little helper I am eh?

I didn't try but Mummy exclaimed that the vegetables were really fresh and sweet, which went very well with the meat. Wah, pure bliss lor...

Di-di & I were very happy with our food too!

I think you can tell that from the pictures in any case... hahaha...

All of us thoroughly enjoyed the BBQ; especially since it was just so shiok to BBQ out in the cooling weather. No need to perspire, Daddy said. I have to agree too!

With all of our food BBQ-ed and in our tummies, we headed back to our room to wash up, change and got ready for bed...

... while Daddy & Mummy packed our luggage as we were headed back to Seoul tomorrow for the final leg of our holiday. Boo hoo hoo...

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