Jun 3, 2009

The Giraffe's neck

This morning, Daddy brought me to another performance - a story-telling session on 'How the Giraffe Got its Long Neck'. Mummy had to work while di-di didn't tag along 'cos it is meant for older kids. And we wouldn't want di-di to be fidgeting and distracting me would we? Heh.

As per most shows, we had the obligatory wait while the doors stayed closed...

Which Daddy took the chance to snap shots and shots of me. But of course right?

It isn't too hard to tell that I was in a chirpy mood!

I pasted a sticker on Daddy's nose for some comic effect, and insisted that he take a photo together with me. Hahaha...

Soon the doors opened, and we trooped into the theatre. The performers started by telling us kids that it is good to always ask questions... and told us if anyone of us had questions, we could ask them. I immediately raised my hand and fired off the first question, "Why do birds fly?" Wah, cheem right? :P

I thoroughly enjoyed the performance, although I needed Daddy to explain certain parts to me. But at least, I know how the giraffe got its long neck now.

And no, I have no wish to have a long neck. :P

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