Jun 13, 2009

Seoul - Day 2 part 2

After I've had so much fun, di-di finally decided not to miss out on any further action and promptly woke up. Hee hee... just in time as well, 'cos we were about to take a choo-choo ride round the colourful garden plaza area.

After about 2 hours of nap time, little wonder that di-di was in high spirits! Plus the fact that he was riding in a train, confirm he happy lor!

Me? I didn't catch a single wink in the park... no time no time; I was busy having too much fun. Like this water raft ride which was really fun!

Water splashed everywhere while we were meandering down the waterway, and I got a bit wet. Heh, but no matter... this was my favourite ride in the whole park! :P

Di-di displayed no emotion throughout though, probably 'cos the sunlight was in his wyes half the time. Hahaha...

After drying myself (there were electric fans provided to blow ourselves dry - such thoughtfulness!), it was time to terrorize some ducklings!

Hee hee... no lah, actually the zookeeper had let them out for a walk and also to let us kids to stroke them... but you know lah, the ducklings were pretty terrified and started running away. And kids being kids, the whole bunch of us just started giving chase lor... haha...

In the end, I think I terrorized one even further by attempting to pick it up. :P

Di-di, on the other hand, had found something else to amuse himself with.

It was a pair of kangaroos that were imitating di-di whenever he shook his head. So there they were - all 3 of them, shaking their heads quite furiously. I was surprised that the kangaroos didn't feel dizzy from all the shaking.

We hanged out at the children's section of the zoo a while longer, looking at how the baby animals, like the fox below, were being cared for when they were still young.

A break to rest our legs (especially Daddy's & Mummy's) followed, while di-di & I took the opportunity to replenish our fluids, as well as you know... take photo too.

Then it was time to pay the Monkey King a visit, who was guarding the exhibit showcasing all the different monkey species...

Cheekie monkies? Yup, that's definitely us! Hee hee...

I then hinted that maybe it was time to go on the rides once again, and I wasn't disappointed! Heh.

After one whole day of fun, the sun was soon setting but luckily for di-di & me, we weren't leaving just yet... 'cos we were staying on to catch the Night Parade! Yay!

And even luckier for us, we chanced upon this giant Ballhouse area which really looked fun!

No need to guess lah... of course we had to make our money's worth right? HAHAHA...

It was like a giant battleground, with guns and cannons firing foam balls all around us. Di-di & I worked as a team... gathering the foam balls into a basket, making our way up to the second floor and loading our guns to fire away! What fun!

And when we ran out of ammo, we designated Daddy to be the ammunition IC to go gather more. Good exercise mah... :P

We even had a teeny weeny bit of time to have a go at the playground while Daddy caught his breath.

Dinner couldn't come soon enough as we were all famished by then... and on hearing that we were going to catch the night parade, di-di wolfed down his food in double quick time!

We then grabbed a spot to wait for the start of the parade... and when the lights in the park went off, I knew we were in for a dazzling treat.

Woah, the lights on the floats were simply beautiful!

And the di-di of mine... the music was so infectious that he stood up to dance along with the dancers, and clapped his hand throughout the parade.

And his reward? A park attendant spotted him and handed him a small gift - one badge to pin on his jacket!

As for me, I was too engrossed in the parade to even blink... let alone dance. Well, at least I was conserving energy for the final performance of the day - the Laser lights show and of course, the Fireworks!

The fireworks were so pretty and colourful... think Mummy loved it to bits. :)

And that marked the end of a tiring but extremely fun day for di-di & me. I was so zapped out that I fell asleep on the journey back to our hotel... but not before telling Daddy & Mummy that I wanted to go back again to Everland the next day!

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