Jun 11, 2009

Seoul-ful Korea - The beginning


Di-di & I are having a blast in Seoul right now... weather has been seoul far seoul good (geddit? :P Ok, corny me.); it's on the brink of summer so the temperature is just shiok and comfy (although it does get a bit chilly at night when the wind blows).

Our flight to Seoul was in the morning, and the ever-so-kancheong me woke up really early in the morning and the first thing I asked was, "Did we miss the plane?" Hee hee...

Well, apparently not 'cos the next thing I knew, we were on the plane with di-di & I engrossed in either playing games or watching cartoons on the inflight entertainment system. :P

Both of us were so extremely well-behaved on the plane, even Daddy & Mummy were a bit taken by surprised. Hahaha... we very bad meh? :P

We touched down in the mid-afternoon and made our way to our hotel in Myeong-dong... Di-di & I can finally rest on the comfy bed! Yup, the hotel room has always been one of our fave highlights of any trips. Heh.

Yes yes... we had to bring along our bolsters too lah... and how could I forget Whiskey, my soft toy dog too? He wold never forgive me if I left him behind alone in Singapore.

If we were thinking of snoozing for a little while on the nice fluffy pillows, we were wrong. 'Cos there was tons and tons of shopping to be done right at the feet of our hotel and Mummy couldn't let that slip by! Hee hee...

But first, makan time!

Ooh, the hot plate pork we had was so tender and yummy... I think I must have ate more of that then my rice lor. *Burp!*

Then it was time to hit the shopping streets of Myeong-dong...

And boy, was the wind chilly!

Di-di was also enjoying all the bight lights around him... well, except that he had to keep his hands warm too 'cos he was feeling a tad cold as well.

Daddy had us posing lots for the camera... and the three of us had fun walking up and down the streets looking at the various knick-knacks the stall vendors were hawking.

And Mummy leh? She had her eyes peeled on and nose buried in all the cosmetic shops and clothing shops lor... much like what I will do if you put me in a toy shop filled with Transformers toys. Hahaha...

Til Day 2! :)

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