Jun 7, 2009

A Sunday with Daddy

Mummy has got to work today, so Daddy was charged with planning our Sunday itinerary... Hee hee...

Well, a no-brainer would be the playground lor... confirm make di-di so happy (& sweaty).

Yes yes, and me too of course! Hahaha...

Di-di loves holding onto my shoulders while going down a spiral slide sometimes... I don't know why leh; maybe he finds it fun when the both of us get entangled midway down the slide and we then tumble down to the bottom. :P

OH, and hanging like monkies is definitely our forte...

After I grew tired of the playground at Suntec, I decided to run off to explore certain areas of the Sky Garden which I hadn't seen before.

Needless to say, di-di was on to me like a leech. Heh.

We then paid a visit to the Home Team exhibition next... all because I was clamoring to sit in a police car...

I got my wish! :)

Di-di wanted a fire engine but I guess it was too big to go through the doors of the hall lah... but a Red Rhino was good enough too!

Hee hee... the helmet was a tad too heavy for di-di me think. That was why he couldn't raise his head to smile for the camera. Hahaha...

Then it was time to go back home for lunch... but not before trying our hands at making some blueberry muffins so that we can surprise Mummy when she comes back later.

Muffin mix. Check. Big bowl. Check. Spoons. Check. An assistant who was so excited that he wanted to eat the muffin mix immediately. Double Check.

After emptying the contents into the bowl, I poured half a cup of water into it.

And then, ever so gently (which I kept reminding my assistant), di-di & I started to mix everything thoroughly.

Once that was done, we then transferred the mixture into the cupcake holders.

And voila, finished! Yah lah, it was superbly idiot-proof. Heh.

And now we wait.

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