Jul 2, 2009

Lazy Sunday

Last Sunday was really a lazy one... Kong-kong & Por-por came over to our place for lunch, but of course the main reason had to be something else - swimming lor! Hee hee...

It had been ages since I went swimming with Kong-kong and I am forever bugging him about this, so luckily the weather on Sunday morning was cooperative to grant me my wish. :P

And last Sunday was also the day when Daddy took a break from taking photos of us... 'cos I was the photographer of the day! So yep, all the photos in this post (except the last 2 which were by di-di) were taken by me. :)

Dinner was with Ye-ye, Ma-ma & Ku-jie as it was a belated Father's Day dinner for Ye-ye. And I went around taking photos of course. What else is there to do before the food arrives right? Hee.

Di-di sportingly posed for me too...

I think the real reason is because he wanted ME to pose for him too so that he could take over the camera.

Which I did. Heh.

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