Jul 21, 2009

Our O'Zone

Last Saturday night, kor-kor & I stayed over at Kong-kong's & Por-por's place while Daddy & Mummy went out for a rare pak-tor. Hee hee... Not that we minded lah, 'cos we sure had lots of fun with Kong-kong & Por-por.

Daddy & Mummy came back quite late, and guess what... we weren't asleep yet. We were too busy having fun too mah. And since it was pretty late, all of us slept over at Kong-kong's & Por-por's place. Which was a mighty fine idea, because the next morning when we woke up, we were off to this indoor playground at Orchid Country Club called Little O'Zone.

Which thrilled us to bits, naturally. Especially kor-kor... who swung down like Tarzan countless times...

Erm, me? I prefer to use the slide to get down instead. I wasn't too keen on learning how to fly down yet. :P

As with all indoor playgrounds, there were slides, climbers, a ball pit and also air guns for us to shoot foam balls... and there was also a large toddler play area and this was where I spent the longest time playing.

'Cos no other children around mah... all the older kids, including kor-kor, were busy playing in the main area. Heh.

That was until kor-kor came to kajiao me.

We sure had loads of fun during the 1 hour of play there... oh, and remember to bring your own socks if you do go! :)

Wah, I think I can go here every Sunday! HAHAHA... Right, kor-kor?

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Anonymous said...

It has closed down

Cheekiemonkies said...


Thanks for informing!

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